Maryland Lighthouse Challenge

September 2015 marked the 10th Annual Maryland Lighthouse Challenge sponsored by the Chesapeake Chapter of the U.S. Lighthouse Society. Lighthouse fans were encouraged to visit all 10 lighthouses on the list, including our own Choptank River Lighthouse here in Cambridge. Hundreds of visitors stopped by during the weekend as part of the Challenge. The next Maryland Lighthouse Challenge should be happening in 2017. Find details at Chesapeake Lights.

Lighthouse Benefactors

We were saddened at the passing of Rufus and Loraine Todd, the Choptank River Lighthouse's biggest supporters. Thirteen days after his wife Loraine Todd passed away, Rufus Todd died on Feb. 16, 2014. Without the generosity and support of this wonderful couple, we're not sure that the Choptank River Lighthouse would exist today. With their love of Dorchester County and their spirit of living while giving, Rufus and Loraine Todd left their permanent signature on our community.
Rufus and Loraine Todd with their Portrait
We salute them for their vision and their generosity. We are proud to have their portrait (an oil painting by artist George Wright, shown here with the Todds) on display inside the lighthouse.

Lighthouse Dedication

We dedicated the Choptank River Lighthouse on September 22, 2012! Thanks to all our donors and supporters! See photos of the dedication event.