Police Department


8 Washington Street
Cambridge, MD 21613




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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Wooters, Jed     410-228-3333  
Weber, Jacob     410-228-3333  
Jackson, Justin     410-228-3333  
Hults, Edward     410-228-3333  
Buglio, Joseph     410-228-3333  
Ford, Theaudray     410-228-3333  
Clark, Rebecca     410-228-3333  
Waller, Adam     410-228-3333  
Lewis, Mark Chief of Police 410-228-4118  
Jones, Lisa Executive Assistant - Office of the Chief 410-901-8446  
Cook, Haydee Records Technician II (Report Requests) 410-901-8447  
Louis, Nichols Lieutenant 410-901-8441  
Todd, Justin Lieutenant 410-901-8442  
Hinson, Ronald Lieutenant 410-901-8443  
McCray, Gregory Detective Corporal 410-901-8455  
Dickerson, Jason Detective 410-901-8452  
Foster, John Detective 410-901-8451  
Patton, Antoine Sergeant 410-901-8454  
Newcomb, Justin Police Officer      
Benton, Jennifer Police Officer      
Daniel, Steven Police Officer      
Foster, Jarnell Police Officer      
Ball, Robert Police Officer      
Howard, Jr., Edward L. Detective      
Gonzalez, Nicholas Police Officer      
Schmidt, Frank Police Officer      
Mothersell, Chad Police Officer      
Gosnell, Mark Police Officer      
Mills, David Police Officer      
Drake, Jason Police Officer      
Shayne, Mark Police Officer      
Rippons, Logan Police Officer      
Simmons, Bryant Police Officer      
Washington, Kason Police Officer      
Allen, Ronald Police Officer      
Jones, III, Joseph Police Officer      
Gutermuth, Katie Records Technician      
Flynn, Christopher Sergeant      
Hernandez, Jose Sergeant      
Smith, Caitlin     410-228-3333  
Jones, David Sergeant